Two Birds A Jewelry Co

Two Birds is an online jewelry shop where consumers can browse ready made items as well as design their own pieces. When buying something so special, like an engagement ring, personality and uniqueness are key. Items containing precious jewels can be overwhelming. These sisters have taken that idea and curated a number of designs either to be customized or purchased as a finished piece, to give the individual exactly what they imagine in their minds.

Mood Board

Two Birds invokes the feeling of homegrown. The two sisters behind this brand are located in Ireland where they were taught the art of jewelry making by their father. He continues to help them create their masterpieces to this day. The little shop in the yard, surrounded by trees and the forest creates an aesthetic that is whimsical and delicate. Something most women love to feel. The monotone of evergreens and sages feels like a walk through the forest. An elegant serif font make the branding match the elevated jewelry that it represents.

Fonts & Colors

Home Page

The browsing page is easy to use and has a double photo to reference the two birds in the logo and the name. A subtle detail that makes the website more visually appealing. This gives you the option to look around at what is popular, browse by selection, and get to know a little bit about the people behind the brand.

Browse Items

Browsing is made easy by sorting through the type of jewelry, collections, and even more details like size and types of metals. By perusing necklaces, for example, you can see a variety of different styles where anyone can find something that suits them. When going to look at details, there’s a description telling you about the specific piece, reviews and even ways to customize already curated pieces.

Customization Options

Engagement rings are the largest market space for complete custom jewelry designs. Designing something from scratch can be quite daunting, so Two Birds offers a variety of stones, shapes, and sizes to inspire the individual design. The goal is to create the feel of an at-home consultation in a user-friendly format, eliminating the intimidating formal meeting many fear. Two Birds inspires while having fun previewing different options.

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