The Mat Yoga App

The Mat app creates community for those new to the yoga world and those who already immersed. This acts as a hub to post videos and become a creator to help those get involved, learn and provide a forum where you can teach and share. On the other hand, it allows brand-new beginners to find instructors who are aligned in their beliefs and can assist on the journey to connect to your core and strengths. On this app, you can connect with other yogis, browse videos and photos of your peers, and track your progress.

Mood Board

The Mat is supposed to be calming, yet still inspiring. It thrives off of a clean and peaceful aesthetic. Thinking of having an area of space next to a window while the sun is shining to do your movements. The dark background of the app allows for more of the relaxation and is easy on the eyes. Then the blue and orange add color and interest to brighten things back up, so it is not all so monotoned. As for the header font, I wanted something long and narrow, to replicate that of a yoga mat. SF Compact was perfect because of the long, and straight letters. Poppins regularly worked great to replicate the ways in which the body can move in curves and be a nice contrast to the straight and bold SF compact.

Fonts & Colors


The Mat experience begins as you select, define, and choose your goals. Whether you are a trainee or instructor you start by defining your objectives and what you wish to get out of the experience.

How it works

Once the foundation information is set up, The Mat provides a series of instructors that focus on the goals you have selected. This allows The Mat to filter the instructors who are best suited to help you achieve your goals. The Mat acts as a social media for the yoga community. You can view your feed much like Instagram which allows you to connect to your online instructor as you would in real life. This creates motivation and connection in a remote setting. In your profile section of the app, you can see the progress for your personal goal. The visual queue of how close you are is another motivator. If you are unsure of what you want to accomplish that day, your pre-set goals are listed, and by choosing one, The Mat will automate videos that will target that need. This makes it easier to continue your practice every day and removes time consuming decision making.

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